Essentially, this is just a potato and leek soup with a few other green veg added to make it look very green, hence the reference to Shrek!! It’s all in the wording!!

The following ingredients will make a large quantity of soup, it can be frozen.

1 large onion,
chopped fine
100g of butter or
5 stalks of celery
including leaves,
chopped up fine and
washed thoroughly
3 leeks, sliced fine and
thoroughly washed
3kg of potatoes, peeled and
chopped up into
small cubes
1kg of frozen peas
Bunch of broccoli stalks and heads,
chopped roughly
½ bunch of parsley, chopped roughly
4 chicken stock cubes
4 tablespoons of cumin
Cracked pepper and salt to taste
¼ cup chopped chives, fresh or dried
¼ cup of cream

Place butter into a large saucepan and allow to melt. Add the onion and leek stir together and cook off slowly for about 10 minutes, careful not to burn.

Add the potato, peas, parsley, broccoli , cumin, stock cubes and mix well then fill the pot with water until all the ingredients are covered. Bring to the boil then allow to simmer until all the ingredients are soft and mushy.

Remove soup from stove, and if you have a stick hand mixer puree the entire soup until it is smooth and creamy in texture. Return to heat add pepper and salt to taste and the cream and chopped chives. Mix well and serve with fresh crusty bread or garlic bread. Enjoy!