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Learning Together Every Day

Our Curriculum

The service provides education and care opportunities to children aged from 6 weeks to school age, with each child’s individual development supported within the curriculum.

The curriculum is defined as everything that we do in a day – it is the planned learning opportunities through to the routine times such as meals and sleep times. The interactions and relationships that are created and supported each day.

The service uses the National Quality Standards to guide our practices, including the Early Years Learning Framework to support our learning program.

We use current educational theories including Attachment Theory, Circle of Security, Marte Meo, and Primary Caregiving to influence the development our curriculum.

There are 3 age groups in the service, these support the children to be in environments with children of a similar age and stage of development. Through out the day however different aged children may come together at different times to provide opportunities for siblings to engage with one another, along with providing opportunities to scaffold learning for all children.

Key Focus



Children’s needs for sleep and rest are supported in a responsive way. For younger children their home routines will be followed by their primary care giver to ensure there is consistency between home and care, and provides a sense of security in knowing that the child is being seen and their voice heard.

We support older children to develop an increased awareness of their sleep and rest needs by supporting them to advocate for their right to choose when they sleep or rest.

Educators respond to the child’s individual signs and provide them with opportunities to sleep or rest throughout the day, whilst working in partnership with families to support sleep time routines established at home.

The service adheres to the safe sleeping recommendations as per Red Nose (formerly Sids and Kids), and in accordance with the National Quality Framework.


The service has a cook on site and the menus are reflective of the requirements by Nutrition Australia.

We provide children with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, snack and drinks to promote healthy eating for young children. The meals we provide help children achieve at least 50% of their daily nutritional requirements. We support children who have specific mealtime requirements with consultation between our cook, families and other professionals as required.

Learning Opportunities

A wide range of learning opportunities are provided for the children, they reflect the children’s age and stage of development, along with their interests and their strengths.

The service believes in a strengths based focus to support a child’s overall development, we strongly believe that each child has capacity for learning and we support them to be an active participant in their learning.

Your child will be encouraged to make choices for themselves and to play in nature, including dirt, water and mud. There are so many learning opportunities both inside and out that children are able to decide where they want to be and encourages their sense of agency.

Opening Hours

Monday 6:30am - 6:00pm

Tuesday 6:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday 6:30am - 6:00pm

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Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm


37 Glenburnie Street, Seaton, SA 5023

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