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Our Team

Our team have been chosen and are supported to ensure provision of quality care and education for children at our service.

We encourage our educators to recognise and respect children as individuals and have an understanding of their needs. They are enthusiastic, approachable, and professional and promote an awareness of and appreciation for other cultures which is reflected in the service’s programs.

Being sensitive to the needs of families and the community and being able to respond to these needs through open communication and to resolve conflict showing respect and understanding. Working as flexible members of the team adhering to the service’s policies and guidelines.

We have been providing high quality, professional education and care to the surrounding community for over 30 years. We are accredited through the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority and are constantly involved in professional development and training.

We focus on building relationships and an environment that supports each child to feel safe and secure, meaning we are responsive to and nurturing with children as a critical part of their development throughout life.

We give a lot of attention to communication between children, families and educators which helps us find the strengths of both children and educators and a greater ability to enhance their development.

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