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I would like to let other families that are thinking of sending your child to Seaton Community Childrens Centre, that they would be making the best choice for their child.

I have no family in SA to rely on and sending my child to child care was the most daunting experience for a 1st time Mum. My son was 6mths old when he started coming to child care 3 days per fortnight, and they made us feel so welcome and comfortable.

My son adjusted very easily, better than I did, I cried every day I left him for weeks. He on the other hand was fine.

I chose this centre as it was close to work so I could be close to him if he needed me and because there was a junior at my work who went there when she was little and had great memories of her time there.

All the staff at the centre make you feel like you belong to a great community and are understanding to all of the children’s needs and requirements.

I n my opinion you would be making a great choice by sending your child here.

Child aged 2 years

Very friendly and safe environment for children. The outdoors area is wonderful for children to run & play. Staff are very approachable.
Children aged 6 and 4 years

Our family has been part of the Seaton Community Children’s Centre “family” for 6 years, when our eldest daughter started in the baby’s room at 8 months old. Returning to work was made so much easier with the gorgeous staff that are SCCC.

Without their encouragement, support and care for our family, as well as our daughter, I’m not sure the transition would have been as smooth. They let me call during the day to check in on how she was doing (something I still do occasionally with our second daughter, even though she is in the Kindy room!!) and always take the time to let me know they are going!

I can only offer praise to all the staff of SCCC. They go above and beyond what your expectations are, they care for the children as if they are their own and then somehow they also manage to juggle all the legal / government & individual family requirements as well!

Amelia, 6 years & Sophie 4 years

Seaton Community Children’s Centre is a warm and friendly place. The staff are professional and caring.

We moved Harry here from another centre because we were looking for somewhere he would feel at home, be treated as an individual, and be challenged. All of these things happen at Seaton.

We have been extremely happy with how all of the staff work together as a team. Even staff are replacement staff obviously know the children well and are part of the overall team.

A fabulous place to have your children, I would thoroughly recommend Seaton to any parent.

Child aged 4 years

The Seaton Community Childrens Centre is focused on our kids development but in their own pace, own culture and their own needs.

We have always found staff warm & welcoming, and also fun at times! Sometimes because we both work full time, we have found it very difficult to follow the strict hygiene / health rules – when we must come and pick up a child in the middle of the arvo – but then we quickly realised these high standards were for the best of everyone!!

Children aged 3 years and 7 months

It is never easy to ask someone else to look after your “baby” 5 days a week – especially when you are new to the country. Our decision to use SCCC is the best one we could have made.

Our son is happy, loved, cared for and learning every day. What a pleasure to have SCCC as our extended family.

Child aged 3.6 years

Over the last 10 years I’ve been sending my 4 children to the Seaton Community Childrens Centre. They are a not for profit Community based Centre. Any monies raised always goes back into the centre. They even have a community garden at the front of the centre. A qualified cook on site with a healthy eating program for the kids. The Carer’s in each room always have the childrens best interests at heart. The director has her finger on the pulse, always keeping up with all the current regulations & always looking for the best solutions to educate our children in early learning. The other office staff & all the staff are all approachable & always make you feel welcome. The may not always have the best of everything but then we dont always need the best of everything. It is a very safe environment for children & I have no hesitation in recommending this centre for anyone in the area that care’s about our community & care’s about their kids & anyone that want’s to know their kids will always be in safe hands.
Diana Christie

From the first meeting, we felt that Seaton was a warm, friendly and safe place. I was the classic teary Mum and found leaving my daughter very difficult, but the staff helped us to take it slowly, make sure we were ok, and our daughter now loves the centre and its staff.

We only put our daughter’s name down where we had personal recommendations. We had offers form 2 other centres, both excellent, but we stayed with Seaton. We are absolutely confident that our daughter benefits from being there.

We have always felt that we can ask questions, call at any time and do not feel that we’re being difficult!

I was unsure about using childcare, but Seaton has helped me understand that it can be a very positive and valuable experience.

Child aged 3 years

Great community based centre where everyone is inviting and friendly. Always buzzing with lots of activities to keep the children active and learning.
Children aged 6 and 3 years

We love the child care centre. Our two year old can’t wait to get there in the morning.

The centre allowed us to stick to our parenting plan by not dictating to us what nappies we were to use. Other centres we looked at were not prepared to work with us on our decision to use cloth nappies.

We were told our child could use a cloth nappy to go home in only, she had to use disposables, at Seaton both our girls have used cloth nappies for the whole day.

We felt like we could still control / have input into our daughters’ upbringing whilst in care. This was an important point of difference for us.

Children aged 2 years and 7 months

My work situation changed about 3 years ago and I needed care for my 2 girls (one was at school). Ringing around to find vacancies close by, Seaton Community got my 2 girls in straight away.

Jodie (Assistant Director) showed me around casually and my girls loved it straight away. 3 years have passed; Jordan went through the Kindy room and is now at school, Emma went through the Toddler and Kindy room, she starts school soon.

This is a sad transition as Emma my youngest and loves childcare. She prefers childcare instead of preschool and is going to miss the friends she has made.

I am going to miss it too. The saddest thing about this chapter is that the carers are great, it’s a real family centre always adjusting to the families’ needs and requirements with my job now, it’s always good to know that Seaton Community Childrens Centre is there to cater for split seconds adjusting of days and times for Emma this is an amazing God send.

Children aged 9 years, 7 years and 5 years

Every night my 3 ½ year old asks me “Mummy, what’s coming tomorrow?” To see him smile when I say “tomorrow is childcare day” is so reassuring!

I am so glad that my children have such a positive environment to play learn and grow and I know that the staff are doing a great job by the way my child talks about his day when he arrives home.

His carers to him are like extensions of his family, they make him feel safe and cared for, and I know they are helping him develop the social skills and habits that will prepare him for his future schooling.

Children aged 3 ½ and 1 ½ years

Situated on a quiet street with a spacious back outdoor area, there are great opportunities for imaginative, fun, and interactive learning experiences in nature. With capacity for up to 52 children, each child has the ability to build meaningful friendships and faces are warm and familiar. Inclusive and personalised care is one of the main reasons I’m so happy with the service. It is a not for profit with true community spirit.
Anna Kupniewski

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