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Our Committee

The Management Committee is also known as the Approved Provider, they delegate the operational matters to the Nominated Supervisor or as in this service the Director.

The Nominated Supervisor (Director) is described as the person with the responsibility for the day to day management of the service and they have arrange of responsibilities under Education and Care Services National Regulations under the Education and Care services National Law.

The Management Committee are responsible for ensuring that a suitable person is employed in the Nominated Supervisor role and they support the services growth and development, along with adhering to the current standards required by legislation.

Our Values

We first sought to understand what is most important to us as a Committee. We agreed the following areas are our authentic values, and are the values we wish the service to embrace into the future.

Risk-benefit approach:
We have discovered immense benefits in using and understanding authentic nature play as a tool to broaden opportunities for children to expand their development, life skills and connection with the world around them; including increasing the physical well-being and brain development of children, at each child’s own pace.

We believe in upholding the rights of all children, which means genuinely including children from diverse economic backgrounds, abilities, cultures, family types, and beliefs; knowing and understanding the benefits of inclusion for each child and to our own personal and professional growth as educators and families. We recognise the importance of understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as a significant part of community connectedness.

In our community, it’s essential that we provide opportunities for children to learn about environmental sustainability, developing the imagination to re-design, re-use, recycle objects and every-day situations, learning to look after our bodies and the world around us, through programs including growing our own food, healthy eating and using old things to create new things.

Having a strong, stable workforce gives a sense of security to children, and builds trustworthy relationships with families. It is important to us that each educator and committee member understands different experiences and life situations that impact families and their children.

Having these values commits us to ensure our Educators have the right training, knowledge and motivation to provide authentic opportunities to children.

The acronym “RISE” can be used in a variety of situations, rising to positive challenges that improve our service and increase opportunities for children.

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