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Our Community Connections


The Seaton Community Childrens Centre values its position within the local community.

We endeavour to remain aware of and respond to, where possible, the changing needs of the community and be sensitive to the range of social and cultural backgrounds of the community we serve.

Our service will liaise with other community groups, agencies and services to share resources and develop a support network.

What does community mean to us?

Community is everyone who is directly or indirectly engaged in the service – our stakeholders. The children, families and educators who engage within the service on a regular basis. As well as agencies and people who influence our community through policy and services that we access.

Community involvement is key to our service, as we rely on our community for support in achieving outcomes that improve the service and the services that can be provided or accessed by those in our community.

Parent Involvement:

Parents are instrumental to our service in a number of ways. They bring skills, knowledge and experience to the service that covers a wide range of areas, both professionally and personally.

The Management Committee is the most obvious and structured way that parents are involved in the service. It is through the Management Committee that families are able to have input into the direction of the service through generating ideas to support the longevity of the service and ensuring that the service is meetings its current requirements.

Other ways that parents share their many talents is through working bees or volunteering for projects in and around the service to support its development.


We have a connection with our local aged care residence, to support our belief about the benefits of interactions between different generations. By bringing together groups of people from diverse groups it supports greater understandings of different age groups and their needs.

For some children who may not have contact with older people in their lives it supports them to engage with older people, it supports them to learn how to relate to them and have conversations.

This is an important way to strengthen our community connections as the different generations have different ideas, experiences and traditions. Through connections with younger generations traditions and important cultural information is shared and maintained.

Other local partners

There are benefits in making connections with likeminded organisations who can contribute to the overall development of the service and provide support externally for families who may be in need of additional services, who support our values of inclusion for all and building and strengthening children and families capacities.

By supporting local businesses we reduce our impact on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and support our local community to remain sustainable and increase their longevity.



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