Did you know that on a day like today (Monday 28th) when it is overcast, and currently the temperature is 11.2oC, the maximum UVR is predicted to be 4 today.
What does this means for children in our service?

On Friday 1st September the SunSmart Team will be here to discuss the importance of protecting children’s skin against UV.

Come and discover more about how UV works, how to practically manage sun protection in the early childhood space, and how sun protection links strongly with WHS.

If you would like to hear more about this and ask questions about Sun protection please come along – we would love to see you.

From 6pm to 6.30pm the Annual General Meeting will be held – the crèche this year is a disco – please RSVP on the office door if your child is attending…. and if any parents are interested in being part of our committee please let Carrie know.