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We provide children with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, snack and drinks in accordance with the Nutrition Australia guidelines, which promotes healthy eating for young children. Through the meals that are offered we aim to provide 50% of a child’s daily requirements whilst in care.

We support children who have specific mealtime requirements with consultation between our cook, families and other professionals is required.

We support breastfeeding for infants and ask that families provide either breast milk or formula to support their child’s nutrition needs.

Nutritional Tips

8th May 2017
Did you know it can take up to 15 tries of a food before a child becomes familiar with it and actually likes it?

19th July 2017
Is it ok for children have nuts or carrots? To avoid the potential for choking it is recommended that children under 3 years of age are not provided with whole nuts, seeds, raw carrot, celery sticks and chunks of apple. However these foods can be included in softer forms such as blanched carrot sticks or grated / pureed apple.

12th September 2017
How do I provide a balanced diet for my child? By including a variety of foods from the 5 food groups, and exposing children to a range of tastes and textures in the early years will establish eating patterns for life.

15th November 2017
Which milk for my child? For children aged from 12 months to 2 years unflavoured full – cream milk is recommended, and unflavoured reduced-fat milk can offered to children over the age of 2 years.

17th December 2017
How much water should my child drink? It is recommended for toddlers to remain hydrated that they be encouraged to drink approximately 1 litre of fluid a day, and for pre-school aged children it is around 1.2 litres per day.


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