We are committed to providing

  • encouragement and access of all staff to continuing training and professional development
  • opportunities to be involved in decision making
  • an environment which is supportive to families, especially in relation to their cultural backgrounds and diverse needs
  • opportunities for staff members to communicate their skills through providing opportunities for professional development
  • a balanced menu which adheres to the recommendations from Nutrition Australia and caters to children’s needs while still promoting and encouraging healthy eating

Children in our care

We believe that a childcare environment should be a caring and educational one which enhances children’s learning by providing:

  • a safe, caring and happy environment
  • opportunities for physical, emotional, imaginative, social and intellectual development
  • for each child’s individual differences and needs so they have freedom to develop individually, and by supporting children with additional and special needs
  • opportunities to express their creativity naturally
  • developmentally appropriate experiences which encourage problem solving and self help skills
  • opportunities to encourage self esteem and independence and an awareness and respect for ourselves and our environment
  • a nurturing environment which develops and extends children’s talents
  • a balance between stimulation and relaxation
  • opportunities for stable, caring relationships with staff and other children
  • a challenging, exciting and fun-filled program


Our veggie garden


Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Families

We aim to support parents/ guardians and families in their role as primary caregivers and educators by:

  • welcoming and greeting them into our Centre in a genuine and sensitive manner
  • respecting and accommodating their child-rearing practises
  • recognising, respecting and supporting the different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of our families
  • creating, encouraging and supporting opportunities for families to be involved in the Centre both in an informal and formal manner
  • having a Management Committee which welcomes input from all families and consists of parents/ guardians and staff. Their input is extremely valuable to the continued running of the Centre
  • encouraging an exchange of information and co-operation with parents/ caregivers about their children
  • opportunities to be involved in both formal and informal ways; eg, fundraising and sub-committees
  • providing information about other services and support agencies for children and families


To ensure provision of quality care and education for children, our staff:

  • recognise and respect children as individuals and have an understanding of their needs
  • are enthusiastic, approachable, professional and show initiative
  • will promote an awareness and appreciation of other cultures which is reflected in the Centre’s programs
  • will be sensitive to the needs of families and the community and be able to respond to these needs through open communication
  • work as a flexible member of a team
  • resolve conflict showing respect and understanding
  • will adhere to the Centre’s policies and guidelines


Our Centre will:

  • be sensitive to the range of social and cultural backgrounds of the community it serves
  • promote awareness and knowledge of the need for and value of quality care for children
  • provide flexible, accessible, high quality care for children
  • liaise with other community groups, agencies and services to share resources and develop a support network
  • endeavour to remain aware of and respond to, where possible, the changing needs of the community.